Bare- Co Universal Large Diameter PTO Shield

8.00 LBS
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 Bare-Co patent lever release shaft guard allows shields to be pulled back to facilitate SAFE engagement of PTO shafts, yokes and regular joint maintenance.


Shield Specs.

Yoke bearing diameter 2" to 3 1/8".

Closed Length-40"

Open Length-63"

Large diameter PTO shafts, guards are easily cut to length for appilcation.



  • Yoke bearing groove dia 2" to 3 1/8"          
  • BARE-Co shafts series 6 to 2600
  • BYPY shafts series 5 to 10 series with triangle profile drive tube  
  • U.S. 14N - 35N - 44N - 55N Series 
  • WALTERSCHEID shafts series W2300S to W260

Shaft Guard kit comes with plastic bearing kits to fit many shapes & sizes of drivelines